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Piglets Pre-School 

Chessington School

If you are interested in a place at Piglets please fill out an enquiry form which can be found below with your requirements and we will get back to you.

Mobile - 07842959850
Landline - 0208 974 1156 Ext 243



Our Policies and Procedures are available to view within our nursery setting 

Please download our short enquiry form with regards to a space in our nursery.
(Please note  these files need to be edited on a laptop/computer)

Ofsted reports

Ofsted report
March 2012
Ofsted report
December 2015
Ofsted report
June 2019

Effectiveness of leadership and management                 Outstanding   

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment                 Outstanding 

Personal development, behaviour and welfare                Outstanding

Outcomes of children                                                               Outstanding

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